Managing Human Talent: The Time is Now!

Chris Leek, 23.11.2010, M6 Educational Centre

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Seminar overview

Developing strategies to capitalize on opportunities is no longer a theatre of operations solely occupied by Executive Committees and Chief Officers. Companies are recognizing that their strength lies in the deployment of human talent which is both their new bankable commodity and their source of new business thinking.
In this seminar, Chris addresses ways in which human capital can be more effectively leveraged in a demanding business environment. He invites you to discuss how to connect business strategy, talent and leadership, and how to capitalize on each. The time for connected thinking is now!

Who Should Attend

· C-level members and senior most HR/talent managers
· Companies are encouraged to send small groups of 2-3 executives to work on their imminent HR and talent management challenges

How will you benefit?

· Achieve a greater understanding of the role of HR in building your organization’s human capital worth
· Learn how to initiate a talent management programme
· Appreciate the connection between developing your business’s capacity to compete and growing the business acumen of your talented people
· Examine the move from Human Relations thinking to Human Capital leveraging
· Learn how to manage resistance to change from executive management and middle management
· Connect High Performance and the role of HR
· Participate in small group discussions to produce an “action plan” by sharing insights and experience.

11:00 Registration and Coffee

11:30 – 13:00 Module 1
· Introduction. Business challenges and the need for talent of the highest level
· The contribution of human capital to business success. How can a new breed of talent connect with corporate strategy ensure new and successful ways of doing business.
· What approaches are successful businesses taking to transforming themselves and their people?
· (Interactive Exercise ) In the light of changes in the way we work and do business, what do you see as the most important value adding features of talent for the future and how can we attract them?

13:00 – 13:15 Coffee Break

13:15 – 14:45 Module 2
· Feedback from Breakout session 1
· How to build a Talent Management Plan – gap analysis, approaches to attracting top talent, assessing levels of possession of the qualities seen as components of talent, deploying and developing talent, managing aspirations
· Line management’s role in the delivery of the TMP, overcoming the label of “The Chosen Ones”!
· (Interactive Exercise ) Building on your work in defining the features of talent, what do you see as the possible sources of resistance to such a plan and how can you build a powerful case to overcome them?

14:45- 15:30 Snacks and Coffee

15:30 – 17:00 Module 3
· Feedback from Breakout session 2
· (Interactive Exercise) Building a TMP to suit our needs in our company in our theatre of operations
· Presentation of outline TMP’s
· The critical actions to take now to enable us to fight from the front to build our stock of talent capital. HR’s role in partnership with line management. Your time is Now!
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Chris Leek
Chris Leek provides support to organizations on a wide range of issues in the field of strategic development of people and organizations and in a wide range of locations. Chris has worked for a substantial number of organizations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. His areas of expertise are: Strategic Leadership and Management of Change and Innovation in organizations, and the Human Skills underpinning it; the development and execution of Strategy, Executive Leadership, Building High Performance Organizations and Teams, Assessment and Development of people, Talent Management and Performance Management.
Chris has worked with Fortune 500 clients in the agro-chemical industry, aluminium, banking, beverages, bio-tech, chemicals, construction and construction materials, consultancy, extractive industries, facilities management, financial services, fire and rescue, food, freight and distribution, education, electrical, mechanical and plant engineering, landscaping, legal, manufacturing, motor manufacture, newspapers, oil and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, police and justice systems, power generation and distribution, printing and publishing, retailing, telecommunications, the tobacco industry , tourism and utilities.
He has also worked at senior management level with many public sector organizations and not-for-profit organizations- Local and Regional Government, Police Forces and Executive Agencies of National Government in the United Kingdom and the European Union. He has also worked with organizations during their public-private sector transitions, in the UK with Water, the National Rivers Authority and the Environment Agency, and has directed the HR Masters Programme at Aston Business School.
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