Paul Meerts

Paul Meerts is Special Advisor to the Director of Clingendael Institute and Senior Fellow at the Clingendael European Studies Programme (CESP), and analyst in International/Diplomatic Negotiation Processes. He is visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, the University of Economics in Prague and the UNESCO Institute for Water Education in Delft.
Paul has worked as a research fellow in Dutch Political History at the Universities of Leiden and Groningen (1974-78), and became Head of Diplomatic Training at the Netherlands Society of International Affairs and at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ (1978-1989), of which he has been Deputy General Director (1990-2006).
As a negotiation consultant he trained diplomats and civil servants in ninety countries (1989-).
He works on a yearly basis with the Holland Consulting Group, the European Institute for Public Administration, the Geneva Centre for International Governance, the Oxford Foreign Service Programme, the European Union, NATO Defence College and Diplomatic Academies and Ministries of Foreign Affairs around the world.
As a member in residence of the Steering Committee of the Processes of International Negotiation (PIN) Programme (1999-) he published on diplomatic bargaining and training in national and international peer-reviewed books and journals. He is the founder (2007) and chair of the Netherlands Negotiation Network (NNN).
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