Ranjit Nayak

Current Position Dr. Ranjit Nayak is a senior staff of the World Bank in Washington DC who is currently on a special assignment to the Government of Macedonia (since 1 April 2013), serving as the Chief Adviser on International and European Union Affairs.

Professional Career In the World Bank, Dr. Nayak has served as the Principal (Lead) Development Specialist for the Europe and Central Asia Region (2011 to 2013), overseeing operations in 30 countries, advising governments and counterparts on a range of development issues and mentoring senior economists and sector specialists within the Bank. Prior to that assignment, Dr. Nayak served as the World Bank Country Chief for Kosovo (2007 to 2011) and was instrumental in raising and investing financial resources for the sustainability of Kosovo as a newly independent country.
Dr. Nayak joined the World Bank in 2000 as a Young Professional (the Bank’s internationally competitive leadership program) and has worked in senior leadership positions in various parts of the Bank Group, including International Finance Corporation (IFC), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA). Before joining the World Bank, Dr. Nayak has served for the United Nations based in Geneva, Non-Governmental Organizations in Europe and Eastern Europe, the Private Sector, and the Academia in India and the United Kingdom.
Over a period of more than 25 years, Dr. Nayak has worked on a range of operations in 25 countries spanning Eastern and Southern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; East Asia and the Pacific; and South Asia. He has led reforms, with high quality and lasting impact in many sectors.

Education and Awards Dr. Nayak’s contributions have been recognized with awards and citations by a range of international institutions, including the EU, NATO and the World Bank. He has been decorated with the General’s Medal of Kosovo Force (NATO) for his contribution to peace in Southern Europe. Dr. Nayak has received awards for promoting social justice, diversity and antipoverty interventions. He has published on a range of economic development topics. His media engagements have included the BBC, Voice of America, the Financial Times and the Washington Post. Dr. Nayak has studied Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, Law and Politics. He has two degrees from the United Kingdom (PhD and MPhil from Cambridge University) and two degrees from India (MA from Jawaharlal Nehru University and BA honors from Delhi University). He has received Executive Education in the USA (Harvard University and Columbia University, respectively).

Personal Background Dr. Nayak is an Indian national. He is fluent in Oriya, Hindi and English, and has basic knowledge of Russian, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian. Dr. Nayak is born on 28 April 1968. Dr. Nayak’s public profile is available in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranjit_Nayak
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